Sunday, 12 June 2016


I found this beauty in a charity shop last week for only £1.99 and I was so excited. I love a bell sleeve but this is EXTREME, you can actually feel them weighing you down when you wear this haha! Still, I love the funky oversized florals and for a fancy occasion this dress is so perfect- if not totally practical! 

Saturday, 11 June 2016


Denim is my favourite thing in the world right now and I've recently been collecting so many beautiful denim dresses, most from charity shops of course. Something I can rarely find secondhand, however, is a good acid wash and although this dress isn't vintage I think it does a pretty good job at emulating a retro 90s look. It fastens at the back with the shoulder straps making it almost like a pinafore and totally perfect for styling a plain tee underneath. If it were colder I'd deffo throw a denim jacket over the top and have an ultra double denim clash. 

It's from Devil Plus and you can find it here. The white tee is from a charity shop and I'm actually wearing some black boots from New Look but it looks like they didn't make the cut for the pictures haha. Shooting outfits has been super hard since I moved back home because I have zero space for it- I hope things will change soon! xoxo

Thursday, 28 January 2016


How beautiful are these guys? The packaging is deluxe, the handle are so pretty and the little patterns are so cute. Never have I ever seen such a beautiful selection of make up brushes! 
Looks aside, I wanted to write a little review of my thoughts on this set. I've really been amazed by the quality, especially since this whole box retails for only slightly more than a single Real Techniques brush!
These are truly the softest brushes I've ever used- the bristles are feather light and the tips are shaped perfectly for a gentle touch. This is amazing for me particularly with the concealer brushes as my under eye is something I work on a lot and it's so important to be gentle with the delicate skin there. It's ideal for building up light layers of concealer or foundation and works well all over the face. In some instances, I'd actually say I would wish they were a little bit firmer, especially when I'm doing a quick all over the face job and need foundation applied fast. Because they're so soft they really rely on a buffing technique which, whilst ideal for a flawless look, I don't always have time for.
The flat foundation brush (final picture) is the highlight of the set for me, although I don't quite follow the instructions for it. I actually find the point of it ideal for concealer and blending in to the eye corner and under eye. As I want a really full coverage there, this is great to dab on concealer in a more liberal fashion than the specific concealer brushes allow for.
I couldn't find this set available any more (I think it was a Christmas special) but you can check out the rest of Superdrug's Ecotools range HERE. I really think they come at good quality for a great price.